Saturday, July 28, 2007

First Post

You're here!

Welcome to the France blog. I created this one specifically to keep people updated as I make my way in the Franche-Comte. I'll be trying my hardest to teach English while really learning French myself. This promises to be a tidy sort of epic- you'll like it. Read along for no less than seven months of angst and triumph, a story for all time featuring your favorite heroine.

I'm going to take on, in no particular order:

1. Train Travel
2. The Jura Mountains (the Alps too)
3. French Language
4. 30 or so middle schoolers
5. Breads and Cheeses
6. Isolation, Irony, and perhaps Fear, definitely Poverty
7. Fripsters
8. The Continent

You're intrigued. Stay tuned. I miss you.


Andrew said...

What is a "fripster"? Is this a French hipster?

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