Wednesday, November 14, 2007

It is done like so.

I'm legal! I got my titre de sejour today, and it feels like I accomplished something.

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Now, if I can just get my internet working and my window fixed, I will feel much better.

Unrelated but also happy news, I am headed home for Christmas! Thanks, Mom and Dad. I will come bearing gifts.

In the Haut Jura, where I live, the regional cuisine is all peasant-y and delicious. It involves a lot of potatoes and meat and cheese. These are all foods that please me, so I think I wound up in the right part of France. I tracked down a recipe for a favorite local dish, and I will be making it in Valparaiso over break. So, if you're around, you can try my first attempt.

I'm really happy to be going home for Christmas, because despite my independent streak, I always feel terribly homesick when I'm away from Valpo for too long. The French term for homesickness is mal de pays, and I am sick for America too. The only prescription is a visit home once every four or five months. Valparaiso, Indiana will always be magic to me.

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Graham C said...

Congratulations on getting your papers in order.

Today my application for NIE (foreigner's card) was approved, and they gave me a provisional one. So I guess that means I'm barely legal.