Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Swiss Miss

I got in a mood and hopped a cheap train to Zurich this Saturday- it was a good idea. This entry is mainly for my grandma, who has had a sort of ongoing romance with the Switzerland, which I can endorse now. With gusto, even. It was an impromptu visit, two days to get out of France and go anywhere.

Switzerland is chilly and clean. In French, a snow globe is une boule de neige, and it really was, for lack of something less cliched to say about it, like walking into one. The air was fresh, the people were friendly, and I spent my first day in Zurich meandering through charmingly planned neighborhoods.

It's a river city, and I was lucky enough to stay with some charming people at a hostel with a great view of the Limmat River. I hiked around, drank lots of coffee, took in the cathedrals, and ate fondue. I mean, I find that traveling is a lot about the feeling of a place. And I liked the way Zurich felt.

I spent day two mainly in the Kunsthaus Zurich Museum. I am a sucker for modern art, the way you'd expect me to be. I loved it. Zurich was actually reasonably priced, for a person on a spontaneous trip. I was able to just burst into things for next to nothing, and the museum cost me not a cent. Hooray, Europe.

I took just a few pictures, and only three or four at the museum, but this Ernst, Oiseaux, has been one of my favorite paintings for years. It was incredible to see it in person. Oh, and they had Giacometti. Ma, remember when I wrote that entrance essay about him? Anyway, it was just unbelievable. I want to move into an art museum someday.

Or maybe into the the Zoologischer Garten Zurich. It's the fanciest, nicest, leafiest zoo I've ever seen. The aviary was the most amazing part, with stork nests and parrots, the giant tortoises, red pandas and penguins were also great.

It was an amazing trip, and one I am really glad I got the chance to make. In February, when I fly to Spain, I'll get to spend a half a day in Geneva as well, and that should be incredible. It will be interesting to see two different Swiss cities.

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