Thursday, September 25, 2008

Your Weekly Pie #3

Yesterday, I told my friend, Kathryn, a little bit about my plans for next week's pie. I explained that after three fruit pies (the latest is a little blackberry number) I think it is time to veer into the creams, custards, and chiffons. Actually, I said that if I made another fruit pie next week, it would feel like I was cheating.

"You're going to stress yourself out," she laughed.

But here's the thing. I love cooking and baking and I love silly, arbitrary rules I make up to challenge myself in projects like this. Besides, after my blackberry pie with lattice cinnamon streusel crust, I want to try something different. Maybe I will attempt a merengue.

The pie was really delicious, and I was lucky because a swarm of friends descended on the apartment to watch Project Runway and hang out, so it all got eaten save the one slice I had with a cup of coffee for breakfast this morning. It was my first fall pie, and I liked the way it came out. The blackberries were rich and dense, the crust was flaky and buttery. All in all, this is my favorite pie of the project so far.

But, other updates. Troy Davis's execution was stayed by the Supreme Court two hours before he was due to die on Monday. It's a good sign, I think. Hopefully the justices will decide to hear his case. I'm crossing my fingers and my toes. To be honest, I think I will be heartbroken about Georgia a bit, if he doesn't even get a hearing.

The economy is falling to pieces, and John McCain plans on going in there with his tool kit and a few tricks he learned from the Viet Cong. I don't mean to be dismissive. I am glad President Bush has called both prospective presidents to Washington to be present for the first actions taken to fix what is broken. I am glad that there is a degree of transparency about this, and that he gave an address. I am glad that I can read Secretary Paulson's plan to save the market. But I want to see a debate. I want to hear arguments clearly presented from these two candidates, and I want to see them respond to each other. I think it's important, particularly in this election, which has made me feel so far removed from half the country. Not just by things like the Sarah Palin rape kit story, or by John McCain's slide to social conservatism and inability to count his homes, but also by my own biases. I want to see them talk to each other, because I would like to stop a nascent prejudice I've formed against all Republicans. For that, I need to see John McCain make some rational arguments more than I need to see Barack Obama refute them. Because it would be nice not to feel terrified of the GOP.

That said, I want Senator Obama to whoop his ass, and I want white women to stop liking Sarah Palin just because she's spunky. If Santa Claus did advance deliveries, that would be all I want for early November. Oh, but a girl can dream.

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