Sunday, June 28, 2009

Harlequin Presents: Lindsay's Horrified Amusement

Fact: In the summer, I like to sit outside, eat dried apricots, and read trashy romance novels. I pick up paperbacks at thrift stores, and read them over the course of hot, leisurely afternoons.

Harlequin, one of the leading lady smut providers, has some of the more terrifying and hilarious series options. For instance, they have a whole set of books featuring Nascar. And Harlequin Intrigue fulfills all your dangeromance needs. As a dabbler with no particular loyalty, I can appreciate this specialization within the genre.

But. What. Is. This. And. This?!

Unexpected Babies? Pregnant Mistresses?

Harlequin, there are no words. There is only me making a sound that is best transcribed as ewughgllagh.

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Kati said...

I've had a Harlequin Blaze or two waiting for me at my leisure, I won't lie. And everytime I see the NASCAR ones in Borders, I snicker. But the pregnant mistresses ones.. I just.. I don't know how I feel about those.