Thursday, April 8, 2010

Whither, blog?

Hey, guys. It's been six EPIC months since I updated. In order to bring you up to speed, I have created this sweet visual aid. Apologies for the occasionally too small text.



Robyn said...

Jesus, maybe I should update my livejournal soon.

Glad to hear your magical powers have found their ultimate sphere of expression, Cronk. And I think you should do these graphic tables once a week.

Love you!

P.S. Am home in Valpo 12-18 May, gone to Dallas 1-5 June, have Wes reunion 21-23 May (with my master's degree commencement ceremony somewhere in the same weekend?).

Open invitation to PVD all summer, baby.

Daniel said...

I would expect YOU to spray blood all over during your hospital visits... Jason, Freddy, and Mike wouldn't have it any other way!