Tuesday, October 2, 2007

People as Places as People

Today I went in for some fun paper work time at the prefecture, wound up with a headache, then hiked within a mile of Switzerland to clear my head. I flirted with a boy, made a friend, and filed some forms so that I can get a new pair of glasses.

It was amazing.

My roommates, who I am starting to know, are great. Tonight Meredith cooked dinner, and we sat on our porch, eating pasta, drinking wine, listening to the Smiths, and watching people go about their lives. I did the dishes afterward- fair trade. I'm always happy when people around me like to cook Katie pops in and out, but is upbeat and fun and interested in international politics.

I also love my job and the kids and even my teachers. I go to the middle school three times a week for orchestra rehearsals and music classes. Today, I had to explain some complicated musical terms in French, which taxed my vocabulary, but that's what I'm supposed to do here. How would you explain a hemiola in any language, really? But I'm finally starting to feel like I can talk. You know me. I kind of like talking.

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