Thursday, December 11, 2008

Citizen Lady

Hi, everyone. No pictures to offer just yet, but it's a rainy sort of week in Atlanta, and most everything looks gray anyway. But it ain't half bad. I drink hot beverages, read novels, on occasion my boyfriend takes me out for Mexican food, and is my work homepage. I live the American dream.

There's no way for me to explain how excited I am about Obama's cabinet. I get the shivers about it on a regular basis. I mean, if Clinton in State weren't already the right side of too good, Steve Chu in Energy is enough to give this young citizen a qualified people in positions of power fit of the vapors. Oh, you liberal intelligentsia, you are sexing up my government, and I like it.

There was an article in the Times or maybe the Washington Post a while back that talked about the conservative backlash to liberal academic elites taking over America. It led me to go a little further in my periodic trollings of conservative media, all the way to The Weekly Standard where Joseph Epstein's usual cries about snobbery have somewhat escalated of late, and he declared that "some of the worst people in the United States have gone to the Harvard or Yale Law Schools ." He went on to call graduates of such institutions, "clever, maybe brilliant, but rarely deep."

Ok, I didn't go to Harvard or Yale or anything close. I wound up at a small women's college in the South, and I am happy with how it turned out. I grew up in the Midwest, and I think of myself as fairly wholesome looking. I could put on a gingham dress and work it. So with these qualifications, as a child of middle America*, and on behalf of myself and many of my friends, I'd like to ask the whole conservative movement to back off. Please stop "defending" your condescending perception of my way of life and my non-Ivy League education, because the fact that someone went to Harvard is not an attack on that. I would prefer to have qualified, brilliant, and even clever leaders, myself. Educated ones sound like a fun change.

That rant concluded, I want to tell you where I'm sending my money this Christmas. A local community organizer who runs Atlanta's bike co-op and her companion were attacked and robbed in her home a week or so ago, and I'm going to help as I can. If you have funds or time or both to spare, it's the worthiest kind of cause. If you're Atlanta, you can also come out to the benefit tonight which will go towards replacing stolen medical equipment and other essentials. If you were looking for a place to put your seasonal cash, I'd recommend:

Replace Chris​'​ Stuff​ Fund
Chris​ Devoe
c/o Rachael Spiewak
1089 Blue Ridge​ Ave Apt 1
Atl, GA 30306​

Albeit a lost child.

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