Thursday, February 12, 2009

A darling of the trenches.

Since I've been remiss in my duties as a blogger, I'm going to offer you:

things I have consumed
things I have consumed - by justasweetyoungthing on

1. Monster Trucks
I went to see large trucks roll over cars and jump hills at the so-called "Monster Jam" at the Georgia Dome. You guys, Monster Truck is poetry. It is mesmerizing and loud and perfect. I may have been a little tipsy, but everything about watching Maximum Destruction flip over and careen into Backdraft was gorgeous. I think I was dazzled by scale, I'm not ashamed to admit. Everything was just so damned big.

2. Twin Peaks
Of course, you may roll your eyes at this one. My love of a good pie, a magically real setting and plot, a square-jawed hero, and a good whodunnit are all wrapped up in a tidy, Lynchian package here. Critically, I'll tell you that the story sags after the first few episodes of the second season. Between that climax and the series finale, Twin Peaks becomes difficult to watch, a series of torturous, directionless scenes featuring beloved characters that used to have animus.

Låt den rätte komma in
Sometimes called the Swedish vampire movie, it's more than it sounds. It was a completely magical movie experiences simply by virtue of being itself, which is to say a truly unique perspective on adolescence, vampires and bullying. It's pale and beautiful too, all shades of snow and ice. In truth, it's my favorite movie made in the last year. If you don't trust me to be objective about vampires, you're right, but this movie is still incredible, and you should at least netflix it if you have the chance.

4. Top Flr and La Tavola
I've been working on eating my way through Atlanta, and both these restaurants are worthy. Top Flr has the kind of eclectic, sleek elegance you sometimes crave in a date restaurant, but La Tavola's long second floor porch is magnificent. In terms of food, they represent opposite ends of the modern spectrum, but I think I liked the small plates of minimalist New American fare at Top Flr more than the creative Italian Tavola offered.

5. Fenders
These are the best investment of any of these reviews, and they protect me from puddles and gravel and everything else on the ground, they also look cute and appropriate on my girly, girly bike. I got a basket too, which also succeeds in being practical and charming to look at. That is, of course, my general life goal.

6. Tights
I wear them in shades of black, gray, and brown most everyday. I am so happy they are in style, because my shins are always, always bruised, and these keep my legs looking ladylike. They also hide my pallor, always a plus. I am particularly fond of all the patterns of sweater tights available from Target. A good pair, like these, is warm and comfortable for my bike ride to work and back each day.

7. Necklaces
Let's be honest. I tend to think of jewelry as something I should expect to lose, but I've gotten two necklaces recently that I hope I can hold on to. The first was a thrift store find, and cost me all of $15 dollars, well, actually my mom picked up the tab on that one. The second comes from Hotcakes design in San Francisco, and is a handcarved resin number that cost a little more, but I think I will wear often enough to make up for it. Is it weird that these things make me feel more adult, when really they are basically an extension of my dress-up instincts?

*As in spent money on. Much as I love the idea of eating monster trucks, it is not something I am physically capable of doing.

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Kati said...

I've done the Monster Trucks and Twin Peaks thing. I've actually only seen the pilot of Twin Peaks, I think. It was intriguing. Re: Monster Trucks, Anna suggested we go for my birthday last year. It was ridiculous and fun.