Tuesday, March 31, 2009

your girl vs. gravity

A particularly clumsy day deserves recognition. In the course of the past 24 or so hours I have:

1. Knocked my head into the medicine cabinet.
2. Knocked my right elbow (think funny bone) into Historic Rhodes Hall. The stony, hurtful, exterior part. Don't worry, it's fine.
3. Slipped on my apartment's staircase and onto my right hip.
4. Scraped my right shin (circumstances still unclear).
5. Stubbed my left big toe on the coffee table.
6. Burned my right forearm with an an iron.

In conclusion, I am very lucky to have survived this long, and I am sure that, if current levels of exposure persist, I will be some kind of a superhero by the end of the week. Impervious to Minor Accidents Girl.

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