Friday, April 3, 2009

A pair of shoes I will never buy but perhaps always pine for.

Courtesy of Pale Horse Design, I give you Zombie Stompers. Aren't they just so ugly-awesome?

Shoes are not really my thing, you may be surprised to learn. They haven't been since I was in high school. I am solidly a boots sort of lady, and I tend to buy shoes I can wear with colors other than black, green and purple. That is to say, I bring a level of practicality to my shoe purchases I don't put into play in many other aspects of my life.

But these are majestic as they are frivolous.

My big, practical purchase of this week is a mattress! Double-sided pillow top with a new box spring. I know, I will stop talking dirty when we are all drowsy in our respective workplaces, but it slays me. I am so well-rested, so revived, you may as well give up any hopes of stopping me.

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